Speaker Profile

Moodle Adviser

Anna Krassa graduated from the Department of Librarianship and Information Science in 2002, but she has been working in the field of online learning. She first collaborated with the Inquiry Team of the Greek School Network of the University of Macedonia (2005), where she was initiated to Open Source Software and Asynchronous eLearning. In 2006, she started a long collaboration with HRD New Zealand Moodle Partner firstly as MTC/MCCC Mentor-Assessor and later as MCCC/MEC Manager. In 2007 she joined GAC Corporate Academy (Dubai) as GAClearn Management Consultant, and in 2018 she collaborated with WIDE Services Greece Moodle Partner, as eLearning Consultant in various projects including CEPOL - European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Training. In 2019, she completed her studies in Master of Education in Distance Education, offered by Athabasca University and in March 2020, Anna joined Moodle HQ as Education Advisor, responsible for the MEC, as well as MoodleNet Community Liaison. Her research interests include mindfulness and gamification in distance education. She is located in a village by the sea in North Greece and when she is not working she is spending her time swimming, walking, crafting or gardening.