Mr. Ephrem Dela Cerna's Abstract Title

Blending Learning: Advantage of using Moodle LMS amidst Pandemic in the Maritime Industry
President & CEO                                                                  

At this time of pandemic and era of globalization, integrating digital capabilities to our maritime education system have become more essential than ever before. Maritime institutions are looking for a safer, secure and efficient way to ensure the continuity of education and training of seafarers.  

As one of the globally known major suppliers of seafarers, COVID-19 outbreak poses a significant threat both to our domestic shipping and the international shipping industry as a whole. 

Through the use of Moodle Learning Management System, aspiring seafarers can now access online course materials anytime and anywhere. Its user-friendly interface supports blended learning features such as mobile and offline access for its content. For convenience and accuracy of grades, several flexible testing and assessment features like manual or automatic scoring are supported. The learners’ progress can also be tracked and monitored for their performance assessments. In addition to this, the Moodle LMS which is widely used by international institutions in various fields, also provides a security feature to protect sensitive data and ensure data integrity is maintained at all times. And these are just some of the many benefits of using Moodle LMS for achieving learning outcomes.

This only shows that despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, we can use the opportunity to leverage enabling technologies in order to thrive in the ever changing and developing maritime industry. 

With Moodle LMS, our maritime education and training can be sustained amidst the pandemic. This will also enable our seafarers’ competencies to be compliant with international standards such as IMO and STCW Conventions.