Mr. Wilben Pagtaconan's Abstract Title

Building a Pandemic-proof Virtual Learning Environment: An MMSU Experience
Associate Professor                     
Mariano Marcos State University

A Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is a web-based package designed to help teachers create online courses. It involves facilities for teacher-learner communication and peer-to-peer communication. With VLE, they can innovate the mode of the delivery of instruction as well as to introduce new pedagogy for learning and interaction among faculty and students. However, without a robust understanding of the user needs, the infrastructure and the technology requirements of the VLE, any implementation plans become unsuccessful. A well designed VLE implementation framework is, therefore, a vital precursor to the success of an effective implementation. This paper presents a VLE implementation framework for the Mariano Marcos State University (MMSU) along three major elements: the users, the ICT infrastructure, and the VLE architecture along with their unique implementation requirements. The VLE implementation framework of MMSU was based on the various inputs and results of the assessments undertaken in the study. This includes a) ICT e-Readiness in terms of its existing ICT infrastructure and users’ ICT profile, b) VLE functional requirements, components, features and capabilities and c) open-source technologies for VLE implementation. Also, this paper discusses the initiatives of MMSU towards the implementation of MVLE and its successes.